23 Sales Enablement Tools To Optimize Your Sales Strategy In 2023!

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Sales Enablement Tools
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Are you trying to figure out a way to make it simpler for your team to close more deals?

If so, using sales enablement tools is a great way to streamline your company’s sales process and improve the customer experience for those purchasing your services or products.

What does sales enablement mean?

Sales enablement is a method that delivers data and tools to help sales departments find worthwhile leads and convert those leads into sales. Sales departments can expand their knowledge and discover the best practices for nurturing qualified leads with the help of the insights from the sales enablement data.

How do sales enablement tools work?

Tools for sales professionals to optimize their various activities are known as sales enablement tools. There are a tonne of tools available that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from lead generation to email creation and prospecting.

You can increase your sales and improve the productivity of your sales team by constructing a strong sales tech stack with the aid of sales enablement tools. To give your customers a better experience, you can use these tools to increase the performance of your sales team.

You have a better chance of getting great sales results if you make the right tool investments at the right time. As a result, you’ll want to confirm that these sales enablement tools meet a few criteria, including:

  • user experience that is intuitive
  • affordable pricing
  • superb qualities
  • scaling ability
Sales Enablement Tools for Your Sales Team in 2019

Who can use sales enablement tools?

The performance of the business as a whole can be improved by the processes of many different business departments thanks to the use of sales enablement tools. But who are sales enablement tools meant for, and who stands to gain the most from using them?

Sales clusters:

Sales representatives frequently decide in the heat of the moment while interacting with a prospect. They might find it difficult to make the right choice or give the appropriate information if they lack the necessary resources. They are better informed and save time by having access to sales enablement software and apps, which they can use to share information with customers. As a result, they can work harder and concentrate on advancing deals effectively.

Marketing clusters:

Marketing teams have a centralized location to create, store, and manage sales content and collateral thanks to sales enablement apps. They can decide what content is most helpful and where there may be pain points by using sales enablement software, which also tracks usage and success of this content.

Enabling managers and leaders:

Sales enablement platforms can be used by enablement leaders and managers to monitor a variety of business metrics, such as employee performance, revenue, return on investment (ROI), and more. They can use this data to enhance many aspects of the sales process and give staff members the tools they need to perform better.

13 Sales Enablement Tools To Consider In 2021

What are the advantages of sales enablement tools?

The vast amount of information your sales force will have access to in order to accomplish your goals is the most immediate benefit of using sales enablement tools. The following advantages should be anticipated by teams who use sales enablement software:


The use of shared, centralized data is in line with the objectives of sales and marketing, the two largest teams involved in sales enablement. Additionally, it makes it possible for sellers to collaborate openly across teams. For instance, having a sales enablement platform makes marketing data, customer insights, and sales data easily accessible in one place, giving sellers access to what they need at every stage of the customer journey. Because everything is simple to find, useful marketing and content assets are also used.

Increased output:

By enabling sellers to find and access information almost instantly, sales enablement software speeds up the entire sales process. They will have more time to concentrate on the customer because they won’t have to stop to look for content or ask a leader product questions, which boosts productivity and boosts your overall revenue.

Rapid and more deals:

With the proper sales enablement tools in place, teams naturally operate more effectively. By streamlining workflows, it enables sellers to devote more time to building meaningful relationships with customers and prospects while spending less time on administrative tasks. Additionally, sellers can close more deals more quickly and consistently when they have easy access to the most recent information and sales data. Without it, they might waste time scouring various systems for the information they need or relying on dubious metrics when making business.

Increased retention and engagement:

With access to customer insights and unified sales data, sellers can design outreach campaigns and buying experiences that are highly personalized, fostering brand loyalty and enhancing client relationships. Organizations can deliver a consistent brand experience across various platforms when they have sales enablement tools, which boosts brand recognition and credibility.

Improved consumer insights:

Greater insights into the customer journey and content performance are provided to marketers and sellers by sales enablement software. Marketers gain the metrics they need to optimize existing content and produce marketing content that fills any content gaps with the help of actionable insights about how users are interacting with content. As a result, decision-making and selling become more informed across all organizations. 

We know that you want nothing but the best. So here’s a closer look at the best standout sales enablement tools out there.

1. Hoopla

hoopla website preview gif

You can easily create contests, competitions, and leaderboards based on CRM metrics that are important to you using sales enablement tools like Hoopla. It combines cutting-edge game mechanics with data analytics, broadcast-quality video, and analytics, making it simple for managers to inspire team performance and rack up more victories.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Broadcast updates during a performance.
  • Integrates with applications like Google Sheets, Slack, and Salesforce, among others.
  • Start off-the-cuff competitions between sales representatives.


  • Improved user experience for your clients.
  • Displays of your sales on leaderboards.
  • Fax news releases.


  • Difficult to personalize notifications for each rep.
  • It may not work as well for a smaller sales team as it does for a large one.
  • I disagree with the software’s per-user pricing.

2. ClearSlide (Amazing Customer Experiences)

ClearSlide - Amazing Customer Experiences

The comprehensive sales enablement and engagement platform ClearSlide facilitates the integration of content, communications, and useful insights. This enables salespeople to maximize every opportunity and deliver outstanding customer service. It arranges suggested content and team collections to guarantee discoverability, making it simple to put together and customize content that is constantly updated.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Collaboration
  • Management of content
  • Management of documents
  • Management of meetings


  • Read the analytics and receipts.
  • Creating emails that are more precisely targeted
  • Presentations can easily be uploaded.
  • Presentations are simple to access.


  • It is time-consuming to create invitation links.
  • Reusing original materials can be challenging at times.
  • A contract must be terminated with three months’ notice.
  • Time outs occasionally occur.

3. Acquire

acquire website preview gif

With the help of the excellent sales enablement tool Acquire, you can provide live chat options to your audience. With the help of this tool, you can instantly engage website visitors with personalized messages, improving their overall experience. For better agent workflows and customer experiences, Acquire offers all of your digital channels—including video, voice, chat, and co browse—in a single unified view.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • On your customers’ terms, offer superior customer service.
  • Give agents a unified experience.
  • With automation, response times and costs will improve.
  • Implement without assistance from engineers.


  • Offering your audience live chat solutions.
  • Communicate proactively.
  • Support for visual engagements in real time.


  • The product’s price is a little high.
  • Video quality can range from excellent to occasionally jagged.
  • Learning the dashboard a little bit takes time.

4. Dealhub.io (Empower Your Sales Teams)

Dealhub.io - Empower Your Sales Teams

Sales professionals can deliver consistent sales engagements at every stage of the sales funnel thanks to the unified platform provided by Dealhub.io. Salespeople can improve their sales KPIs and close more deals as a result of this.

With our effective guided selling playbook, you can deliver a seamless sales process and free up reps to concentrate on selling rather than administrative tasks.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Automatically format
  • Collaboration
  • Management of content
  • Content archive
  • Knowledge repository


  • Gives sales staff the ability to develop, deliver, track, and carry out each deal.
  • Provides integrations for automatic data synchronization.
  • The tool is simple to set up.
  • Brings together a variety of tools.


  • Minimal sales performance information
  • The tool is missing dashboards and reporting.
  • Lack of an easy way to edit templates and documents.
  • A lack of instructions for certain functionality.

5. Whatfix

whatfix website preview gif

Whatfix takes away the obstacles that stand in the way of your users’ true productivity across all software. Our Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) analyzes and automates procedures while giving each application step-by-step instructions. Through segmentation, you can direct users through walkthroughs and customize their experience.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Increase Employee Onboarding Speed
  • Increasing employee output
  • Increasing user adoption by empowering software users
  • Boost Participation and Loyalty
  • Lower overhead expenses


  • Information tailored to your audience
  • Content that is sensible and relevant.
  • Simplify user navigation


  • Not well suited for larger web apps.
  • End-users are pressed for time to restart the flow.
  • Setting up analytics is a bit challenging and an additional step to verify.
  • There aren’t enough analytical features. Some features require complicated configuration.

6. Membrain (Content In the Right Context)

Membrain - Content In the Right Context

Membrain is a platform for sales effectiveness that aids B2B companies in expanding their operations. It makes it simple for your team to implement an effective sales strategy. It’s a great tool for managing content, implementing goal tracking, integrating productivity tools, and more. You can manage your sales team more easily thanks to the versatility of this sales enablement tool.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Collaboration
  • management of content
  • Manage goals and quotes
  • management of a territory


  • A strong sales support system.
  • Brings together specifics and important information.
  • Regular and helpful updates.
  • A user interface that is simple.


  • Establishing reporting metrics can be challenging.
  • Data cleaning can be difficult and time-consuming.
  • Fewer options for email customization.
  • For most businesses, the cost is prohibitive.

7. MindTickle

mindtickle website preview gif

Your answer to missed quotas and creating an excellent sales culture is the Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform. Our technology equips revenue teams with the best coaching, content management, conversation intelligence, and sales enablement tools available in the market.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Availability of Insights
  • Sales Facilitation
  • Content Management for Sales
  • Talkative Intelligence
  • Sales Mentoring


  • Sales orientation.
  • Micro-learning.
  • Synchronizations.
  • Sales analytics.


  • Queries are answered slowly.
  • It can be annoying to receive too many notifications.
  • Problems with templates.

8. Guru (The Brains of the Operation)


Guru aims to connect your teams and synchronize all knowledge throughout your organization. It enables you to import all corporate knowledge and move it to a single location. Your sales team now has access to all the data they require thanks to this integration. Because you can respond to inquiries and provide information to people who have little to no knowledge about your goods and services, it aids in the creation of a more effective sales process.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Management of content
  • Collaboration
  • Categorization and cataloguing
  • Message boards
  • A self-service website


  • Cards are a simple method of managing knowledge.
  • Provides the team with access to more information.
  • Integrates seamlessly within organizations.
  • Adopts with maximum efficiency across the company.


  • Too many voices can conflict at times
  • If the cards are handled incorrectly, the information on them may be inaccurate.
  • Card verification can take a lot of time.
  • The platform’s web interface has problems.

9. Mediafly Evolved Selling (Bridging The Gap)

Mediafly Evolved Selling - Bridging The Gap

Mediafly offers advisory services and sales enablement solutions that produce engaging, interactive, value-based selling experiences. Marketing and sales teams are able to deliver personalized, dynamic sales presentations quickly and effectively by utilizing Mediafly’s technology and advisory services, engaging customers with information that is pertinent to them. With the help of Mediafly’s Evolved Selling solution, sellers can be more adaptable, perceptive, and interactive during sales interactions, which boosts sales and forges stronger bonds with clients.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Content administration
  • Performance supervision
  • Training administration
  • Management of meetings and presentations


  • Using a platform that is simple.
  • Uploading videos is possible.
  • The ability to grant customized access rights.
  • Accessible key information that advances conversations.


  • The price may be prohibitive.
  • There is a fairly high learning curve.
  • The cost varies based on the number of users.
  • Slow connections may experience interruptions.

10. vPlaybook


vPlaybook offers video playbook functionality. As the top selling enablement platform, vPlaybook provides you with the assurance of mind that each and every one of your sales representatives is reaching the right customer at the right time with the appropriate message. By developing and overseeing the appropriate messaging, content, and strategies for each audience, marketing and enablement teams can better equip sales representatives. 

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Integrated course authoring.
  • An academic portal.
  • Learning potential on the go.
  • Training sessions.


  • Both adaptable and powerful, the software
  • UI and UX are excellent
  • Sharing resources with customers is straightforward
  • Instantaneous update


  • Reports are not as simple to use as they might be
  • It can take a while for the platform to load
  • Welcome emails can occasionally be delayed
  • It can be challenging to promote adoption

11. Seismic (Find the Right Sales Content)

Seismic - Find the Right Sales Content

Sales representatives can easily organize and share content thanks to seismic. It’s a great tool for boosting output, closing deals, and spending more time assisting clients. The difficult parts of the sales cycle are eliminated by this platform using AI technology. It enables you to produce information with purpose and provide access to it for your sales team.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Management of content
  • Management of documents
  • Management of meetings
  • Proposal control
  • Presentation control


  • Strong community characteristic
  • Intelligent analytics
  • An excellent and simple design
  • Mild learning curve


  • Several technical issues
  • Difficult scaling process
  • A scant integration
  • Occasionally, formatting mistakes when emailing

12. Veelo (A Faster Way to Grow)

Veelo - A Faster Way to Grow

In order to support the entire sales rep lifecycle, Veelo is a cloud-based sales enablement platform that combines tools for onboarding, training, ongoing enablement, and optimization in a single platform. The onboarding tools provided by Veelo enable users to design interactive, audio, and video learning pathways for new hires based on their roles.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Co-operation
  • Content administration
  • Presentation control
  • Training administration


  • Easy to use and intuitive.
  • Salesforce integration is excellent.
  • Allows sales teams to easily access important information.
  • Documents should be shared both internally and externally.


  • A few mistakes in the uploading of documents.
  • Locating key information can occasionally be challenging.
  • There are some glitches in the search function.
  • For some teams, the tool may be somewhat expensive.

13. Mindmatrix


Your company can enable direct sales using Mindmatrix. Using this software, your sales team can locate potential customers, engage them on your website, guide them toward conversion, and ultimately persuade them to stick with you. This tool provides both channel and direct enablement. Your sales team is given everything they need by MindMatrix to generate new leads and conversions.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Asset management for sales
  • Social marketing
  • Training and onboarding for creating proposals and presentations
  • Playbooks for sales


  • Increases output and enhances performance
  • Simple to use and very customizable
  • Makes it simple to locate assets
  • Responsive client service


  • It can be challenging to import uncleaned data.
  • An admin’s learning curve is steep
  • some reports of emailing specific providers being challenging
  • Absence of customization possibilities

14. Outreach (Drive Efficient Growth)

Outreach - Drive Efficient Growth

In order to engage prospects, work with buyers, conduct effective sales meetings, manage pipelines, examine deals, and make accurate forecasts, outreach provides sales reps and managers with the tools and AI intelligence they need. It automates and quicken Outreach’s pipeline generation In order to promote growth, the Engage system of execution automates, instruments, and optimizes sales engagement workflows throughout the entire revenue cycle. Additionally available is the Guide Icon for improved deal management.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Collaboration.
  • Content administration.
  • Management of documents.
  • Management in charge.
  • Management of meetings.


  • Increases team productivity as a whole.
  • Makes email scheduling simple.
  • The capability of sequencing prospects.
  • High-tech analytics.


  • Some features don’t function completely.
  • Some businesses find the cost prohibitive.
  • Some UI and UX problems exist.
  • A somewhat intimidating learning curve will be visible to new users.

15. GetAccept (An All-in-One Platform)

GetAccept - An All-in-One Platform

The digital sales room platform from GetAccept creates a genuine purchasing experience through deal and pipeline insights, personalized videos, custom sales collateral, and seamless integrations. Send an alluring presentation to your potential customers and then follow up with a video testimonial. All in one location where your customer can interact and chat with you to advance the sale.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Automatic reminders
  • Adaptable templates
  • Analysis of documents
  • Tracking the progress of a task


  • Swift and effective
  • Easily mastered with a low learning curve
  • Impact on rising sales that can be clearly seen
  • Helps more deals to be closed


  • Updates on milestones are scarce
  • Customers occasionally misinterpret the platform
  • Concerning integrations, there is some ambiguity
  • The platform may issue an excessive number of notifications

16. SoloFire


Getting the right content, to the right people, at the right time, is simple with SoloFire. It is a sales enablement software that adds users and uploads their training, sales, and product content. For every user and client who shares and views your content, add your logos and colors to establish a branded experience. So that you can see how effective your content is, we collect all of your content activity and display it in a lovely analytics dashboard on our sales enablement platform. 

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Instant content sharing and lead generation
  • Content discovery capabilities
  • Sophisticated agenda creation 
  • The tool’s adaptability and customizability


  • Utilize marketing tools on any device, anywhere
  • Keep track of prospects’ activities
  • Sophisticated analytics that are easy to understand
  •  Delivering presentations tailored as per client needs


  • Several notifications
  • Not enough integrations
  • Customers’ experience wasn’t the clearest
  • Some crucial metrics are absent

17. Highspot (Advanced Sales Enablement Tools and Software)

Highspot - Advanced Sales Enablement Tools and Software

It is a great tool for your sales enablement strategy. Both your sales team and your customers will profit from this tool. To track customer engagement, this tool personalized the content you share with them. It’s a fantastic feature that makes it easier for you to comprehend your audience and their interests. You can get analytics, guided selling, contextual sales training, and more than 30 integrations with Highspot.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Collaboration
  • Contact administration
  • Management of content
  • Lead supervision
  • Presentation control


  • Simple to arrange
  • Has excellent search capabilities
  • Is easy to use and intuitive.
  • Is compatible with salesforce


  • An absence of analytical skills
  • Quick access to files and ideas that generate excessive noise
  • A mobile platform that is difficult to use
  • Outdated troubleshooting information

18. Paperflite (A Smart Way to Share Content)

Paperflite - A Smart Way to Share Content

All of your sales collateral, playbooks, marketing materials, and content that your teams need and use every day from various sources are brought together in one simple, intuitive interface by Paperflite’s dynamic content hub. Using the SmartSearch algorithm, which combines the best of our special indexing techniques, user behavioral patterns, and proprietary AI technology, Paperflite detects the intent of your sales rep and surfaces the appropriate content at the appropriate time for the appropriate context.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Adaptable templates
  • Indexing of documents
  • full-text searching
  • Management of SEO


  • Many different integrations
  • Insight into the sales assets’ performance
  • A measurable effect on the success of sales
  • The capacity to close deals more quickly


  • A lack of onboarding resources and instructions.
  • No option for uploading contacts in bulk.
  • Activity from stakeholders is limited to six months.
  • A lack of daily reporting automation.

19. BuyerDeck


BuyerDeck is one such platform that aims to increase the salesforce’s productivity and analytics-friendliness while also taking into account the significant role that content management plays in sales enablement. They offer the resources needed to design a unique experience, thereby gratifying clients and forging enduring bonds with customers.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Collaboration
  • Management of content
  • Management of documents
  • Presentation control
  • Monitoring tools to determine who is viewing the content
  • Facilitates reaching out to new stakeholders


  • Reduces administrative time
  • Encourages more effective teamwork
  • Helps with accurate forecasting
  • A lively and interesting tool for customers


  • There is no functionality in the timeline feature
  • A deficiency in integration
  • It can be challenging to find content
  • Customers and potential clients might not like the name

20. Showpad (Scale Sales Excellence)

Showpad Content

Showpad prioritizes the customer experience. You can share sales content at the appropriate time using Showpad. You can tailor your information to appeal to your customers with the aid of Showpad. It’s a great way to encourage audience participation and increase interest in your brand. It also supports the empowerment of your sales team by evaluating the efficiency of the content. Utilizing metrics for engagement and conversion, this tool assesses effectiveness.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Collaboration
  • Management of content
  • Presentation control
  • Training administration


  • A user-friendly platform that makes data access simple
  • Internal and external analytics that are sophisticated
  • A developing capability
  • Each user’s digital experience can be tailored.


  • There are restrictions with the mobile app.
  • Sometimes it takes a while for the platform to load.
  • Firewalls and client settings can occasionally cause problems.
  • Limited Salesforce integration is present.

21. LevelEleven


With its primary focus on activity management, LevelEleven is a sales management system that also provides sales teams with insights into the key sales tactics and behavioral trends that have resulted in closures. It provides real-time insight into how projects are performing on a daily basis. Because it seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, you can monitor any sales behavior there and use it to improve your sales process.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Make unique contests that are appropriate for your team’s gamification.
  • Fully resides and integrates within Salesforce.
  • Real-time results from completed deals, sales competitions, and more.


  • Activity control
  • Understanding of the behavioral trends
  • Instantaneous visibility

22. Unboxed Hub360

Hub 360

With the help of the sales training programme Unboxed Hub360, you can increase each salesperson’s productivity on your team. It is a comprehensive sales platform that aids in process improvement and increases conversions for your company. You can organize client-related materials and create presentations on the Unboxed Hub360 platform to assist your sales team in becoming better prepared to sell to clients.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Learning that is social and collaborative
  • Individualized Learner Journeys
  • Easy configuration and personalization
  • Scalability and safety


  • To increase efficiency.
  • Make presentations and gather resources.
  • Increase conversions.

23. Aritic


One of the top platforms for automating sales enablement is Aritic. Companies can use this programme to automate their workflow and boost sales revenue. You can communicate with leads via your most successful channels and nurture them into paying customers. Besides, finding out more about potential customers is also helpful with this tool.

Key sales facilitation attributes:

  • Intertubes marketers
  • Team of B2B Marketers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Team of Inbound Sales


  • Multichannel sales facilitation tool
  • Connect with leads via a variety of channels.
  • Gaining knowledge of potential customers.
  • Individual conversation
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