LinkedIn Automation for Real Estate Lead Generation? 

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For real estate agents, LinkedIn is a real treasure trove of untapped leads. It is so much more than just a place where you can communicate with people in the community. 

Well, how useful is LinkedIn for generating leads for the real estate industry? Statistics demonstrate this:

  • There are 900 million active users on LinkedIn (source).
  • LinkedIn’s lead conversion rate is 277% better than Facebook or Twitter (Source).
  • 49 million people use LinkedIn on a weekly active basis (source).

Through LinkedIn leads, many real estate agents have earned over $1 million. You can achieve it too!

Let’s look at how you can achieve it…

How to Use LinkedIn Automation for Real Estate B2B Lead Generation? 

LinkedIn automation can be an asset for B2B real estate lead generation.

When used properly, it can assist you in connecting with the right clients, which will support the successful expansion of your real estate company. Therefore, you’re losing out on a lot if you’re a real estate agent and not using LinkedIn automation for lead generation.

But don’t worry DMtiger got your back. You’ll discover some simple, practical advice in this article on how to increase your real estate sales by successfully generating leads from LinkedIn. 

Why should a real estate agent use LinkedIn?

  1. LinkedIn is geared towards business, in contrast to other social media. Since LinkedIn is primarily concerned with professional connections and career development, its tools are made to assist you in locating and connecting with those who are most important to your company.
  2. When compared to other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn helps you get higher engagement. LinkedIn allows you to receive engagement from connections as well as those connections’ connections. 
  3. Getting in touch with high-net-worth clients who can afford their properties is a significant marketing and lead generation challenge for real estate agents. If you’re a newcomer as a real estate agent, this issue will be more severe. With the help of LinkedIn’s sophisticated business tools (like automation, InMail, etc.), it is now simpler to locate, connect with, and sell your services to these important clients. 
  4. LinkedIn is effective to match you with organizations and people who are appropriate for you. You’ll receive suggestions for networks from your sector, suggestions for events based on your interests, groups, newsletters, etc. The refined algorithm on LinkedIn actively works to pair you up with businesses and people you’ll find useful. 

How LinkedIn helps to generate real estate leads?

Built a strong profile

Your LinkedIn profile ought to resemble a resume for a real estate agent. From your LinkedIn profile, potential clients will form an initial opinion of you.

Therefore, it’s essential to properly optimise your real estate agent’s LinkedIn profile.

Include a headshot for your cover photo and profile. Add a catchy headline and make sure it contains your LinkedIn keywords. 

Input all other information, including your contact information, education, and experience. At last, add a summary to strengthen the authority and credibility of your brand.

Create a unique Landing Page

Your website’s landing page is where you should direct leads that you receive from LinkedIn. On your real estate landing page, you can include a lead magnet, to make it stand out of crowd, like a free real estate course, guide, or checklist.

You can offer this free resource in return for the email addresses of your potential customers. You can get a list of potential customers along with their email addresses in this way. 

Expand your network

The most crucial aspect of generating real estate leads on LinkedIn is expanding your network. You can’t just include anyone and hope to get inbound leads. Your strategy and planning must be very strategic as you expand your LinkedIn network. To the appropriate people, send personalised connection requests. 

Also you can join the real estate groups on LinkedIn. Another excellent way to network with relevant people, stand out, and ultimately produce leads is through LinkedIn groups.

On LinkedIn, start by looking for real estate groups, and then send requests to join those groups.

Source: LinkedIn

Interact with the members of these groups as soon as you are admitted. You can do this by leaving comments on other people’s posts or by publishing your own. Participate actively in these groups. 

Create Relevant Content

You should make an effort to publish related content and provide your real estate leads with value in some way. You establish yourself as an authority figure and increase engagement by producing real estate-related content. LinkedIn adores when users interact with its articles and posts. Because of this, posting content frequently on LinkedIn is the best way to stand out and generate more leads. 

Ask for referrals

Another excellent way to obtain real estate leads is through referrals. Your shared connections are listed below when you conduct a LinkedIn search. If you’re really interested in getting to know this person, send your shared connection a message explaining how you can help them and asking them to recommend you. 

By doing so, you are virtually introducing yourself to your leads and expanding your network. For this, LinkedIn groups are yet another fantastic resource for referrals. Real estate agents who are relocating may be looking to recommend some other reputable real estate agents. 

Enhance your game with automation

You are more likely to generate leads if you spend more time sending connecting requests, personalized messages, and follow-ups to prospects.

But because such a personalized approach requires a lot of time and effort, this process can be extremely draining and fruitless. This is why using a LinkedIn automation tool is your best choice because it can put your whole LinkedIn marketing campaign on autopilot, allowing you to concentrate on the tasks that are currently more pressing.

Generate real estate leads on autopilot with DMtiger!

DMtiger is a LinkedIn prospecting tool that assists salespeople and recruiters in locating high-quality leads and carrying out creative sequences, such as sending friend/follow request messages, comments on prospects’ posts, and messages.

With DMtiger, you can: 

  • Expand your network.
  • Prospect automatically.
  • Send messages and invitations auto-pilot.

By communicating with your target audience interested in real estate, sending scheduled messages, and tracking their responses, the autopilot is made to hasten your growth. You can save time and effort by putting DMtiger on work.

This is how:

  • From the left sidebar, select the “Leads” button. 
  • Click the “Add Lead List” button in the top-right corner to bring up a pop-up box.
  • You can extract leads from LinkedIn searches by pasting the search’s URL into DMtiger and then clicking “Submit.” 
  • Leads from the URL will automatically begin to be scraped by the tool.
  • You can upload a CSV if you already have a leads list created.

Hurray! You just learned how to ace the game of lead generation using DMtiger. Now you are ready to automate your real estate lead generation process.

Download the free extension to begin your automation journey.

Final takeaway

LinkedIn can be an excellent source of real estate leads generation. All you have to do is adhere to a few established platform best practices. LinkedIn can be an excellent source of both organic and paid real estate leads for you. All you have to do is adhere to a few established platform best practises. Developing your professional network, determining your target market, posting content, and interacting with others are a few of these. You can quickly develop your professional real estate brand on LinkedIn and attract quality leads if you stick to the strategies we discussed in the body of this guide.

People on LinkedIn are genuinely interested in making connections and learning more, unlike those on Facebook and Instagram. In order to generate high-ticket inbound and outbound real estate leads, log onto LinkedIn right away, connect with people, and provide them with value.


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