LinkedIn’s Industry List and Rankings

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LinkedIn’s Industry List and Rankings

LinkedIn is the world ‘s largest professional social media network, where you can seek employment as well as advertise your skills. It is a professional communication platform where employers can find the right candidate and companies can connect with new and old employees to inform them about new products and services.

LinkedIn profiles are divided into two categories: Professional and Industry.

A professional profile can be used to highlight your qualifications, work history, and educational background. While an industry profile enables you to connect with businesses in your sector and identify potential contacts within the organization.

Although LinkedIn’s industries have fluctuated in popularity over time, one reason it is the most effective tool for selling and job searching is that it allows you to search for profiles by industry.

With DMtiger, we will explore149 industries available on the LinkedIn platform.  Each LinkedIn user must select the industry that best fits their professional life from among these options.

Let’s dig deeper into it!

What is LinkedIn’s Industry list?

When you choose to sign up for a LinkedIn account, you undoubtedly intend to:

  • Increase your exposure to Hiring Managers and Recruiters.
  • Joining groups and discussions on various topics will greatly expand your network and provide you with more job opportunities.
  • Showcase your knowledge, credibility, and leadership abilities.
  • Display your professional accomplishments and experience.
  • Follow and permit other businesses to headhunt you and contact you with greater speed and accuracy.
  • Following the addition of new options on a regular basis.

One of the more difficult questions to answer when creating a LinkedIn profile is which industry you belong in. But firstly, what exactly is a LinkedIn industry list? Well, the question itself contains the answer. It is merely a list that compiles the various industries that are present on LinkedIn.

When selecting an industry on LinkedIn, you should keep in mind that doing so will enable you to sell a product and identify your strongest areas. The fact that the professional platform asks you to specify the industry you work in when you create your account is also no coincidence. This is the first stage of profile optimization.

What is the importance of LinkedIn’s Industry List?

Here’s the list of  a few reasons or advantages of selecting the right industry:

  1. Be visible to hiring managers looking for candidates in that field.
  2. Be visible by users searching for industry suppliers, thought leaders, and influencers.
  3. Get algorithm-generated recommendations for events, people, and businesses that are more relevant to you based on your industry.
  4. Be visible to the appropriate audience group in the recommendation tab on your company page.
  5. Appear in the results of a user search for businesses in particular industries.
  6. Lower the cost of your campaign with more precise audience targeting.
  7. Boost the number of people who visit your company website from your LinkedIn company page.

And so on…….

Your LinkedIn experience will be impacted over time by your choice of industry. Additionally, by picking the appropriate industry, you can compare yourself to irrelevant LinkedIn users. Your SSI score, metrics, notifications, profiles, groups, company pages, hashtags, newsletters, and even your news feed will all be affected by this.

What is the best LinkedIn Industry for you?

There is no such thing as the “best industry,” the only thing is that working in a large industry will give you more exposure to potential B2B clients. Additionally, it is crucial to pick a sector that aligns with your specific objectives and interests.

You can select the LinkedIn industry that will:

  • Deliberately expand your network.
  • Discover the thought leaders in your industry.
  • Make your contact with industry peers.
  • Identify market trends and concerns which will help you to stay ahead.
  • Promote thought leadership by curating and facilitating discussions on subjects that are of general interest.

Go through the list provided below to examine the position and rankings of various industries available on LinkedIn and choose the right one.

How to update industry on your profile?

Naturally, exercise caution because your field of endeavor is not unchangeable. During your professional journey, you will of course have the chance to change it, just to be clear, you won’t be stuck in one sector forever.

In addition, if you already have a LinkedIn profile that is optimized and you want to change your industry of employment, we (dMtiger) will support you in your search:

  • In the top right corner, select your portrait by clicking.
  • On your profile page, click the tiny pencil at the top.
  • until you see “Industry,” scroll down.
  • Describe your sector.

It is a fairly easy process. As you can see, anything can be changed at any time. Don’t forget to update your profile; this will make it simpler for potential clients to find you.

There are almost 149 different industries listed on LinkedIn, but which ones are the most popular?

Image source

Top 10 Industries on LinkedIn

The following are the top 10 LinkedIn industries:

  1. Information Technology & Services
  2. Hospital & Health Care
  3. Construction
  4. Retail
  5. Education Management
  6. Financial Services
  7. Accounting
  8. Computer Software
  9. Higher Education
  10. Automotive

The majority of these industries are represented on LinkedIn. The top 10 industries make up 27% of all LinkedIn profiles, which means that 27% of all members have checked the box indicating that they work in one of these 10 industries. Even if your industry isn’t on the list, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad. Simply put, it indicates that there are more people employed in particular fields. And you might find that prospecting in a niche industry is not all that bad if you are aiming for new potential leads.

Complete LinkedIn’s Industry List

You might be curious about the other industries that are available on LinkedIn. Look nowhere else other than DMtiger.

Following is a breakdown of the entire industry taxonomy:

(1) Information Technology & Services 
(2) Hospital & Health Care
(3) Construction
(4) Retail
(5) Education Management
(6) Financial Services
(7) Accounting
(8) Computer Software
(9) Higher Education
(10) Automotive
(11) Government Administration
(12) Marketing and Advertising
(13) Banking
(14) Health, Wellness and Fitness
(15) Real Estate
(16) Food & Beverages
(17) Telecommunications
(18) Oil & Energy
(19) Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
(20) Hospitality
(21) Primary/Secondary Education
(22) Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
(23) Internet
(24) Insurance
(25) Consumer Services
(26) Medical Practice
(27) Human Resources
(28) Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
(29) Restaurants
(30) Civil Engineering
(31) Pharmaceuticals
(32) Design
(33) Logistics and Supply Chain
(34) Research
(35) Management Consulting
(36) Architecture & Planning
(37) Apparel & Fashion
(38) Food Production
(39) Law Practice
(40) Facilities Services
(41) Consumer Goods
(42) Non-Profit Organization Management
(43) Machinery
(44) Entertainment
(45) Chemicals
(46) Wholesale
(47) Arts and Crafts
(48) Farming
(49) Utilities
(50) Legal Services
(51) Sports
(52) Mining & Metals
(53) Airlines/Aviation
(54) Building Materials
(55) Leisure, Travel & Tourism
(56) Environmental Services
(57) Professional Training & Coaching
(58) Medical Devices
(59) Music
(60) Individual & Family Services
(61) Cosmetics
(62) Staffing and Recruiting
(63) Mental Health Care
(64) Graphic Design
(65) Industrial Automation
(66) Security and Investigations
(67) Biotechnology
(68) Aviation & Aerospace
(69) Business Supplies and Equipment
(70) Public Relations and Communications
(71) Import and Export
(72) Textiles
(73) Writing and Editing
(74) Consumer Electronics
(75) Media Production
(76) Renewables & Environment
(77) Broadcast Media
(78) International Trade and Development
(79) Military
(80) Computer Networking
(81) Civic & Social Organization
(82) Events Services
(83) Photography
(84) E-Learning
(85) Computer Hardware
(86) Computer & Network Security
(87) Defense & Space
(88) Furniture
(89) Fine Art
(90) Warehousing
(91) Printing
(92) Investment Management
(93) Outsourcing/Offshoring
(94) Publishing
(95) Information Services
(96) Law Enforcement
(97) Supermarkets
(98) Animation
(99) Maritime
(100) Executive Office
(101) Religious Institutions
(102) Government Relations
(103) Semiconductors
(104) Program Development
(105) Plastics
(106) Online Media
(107) Public Safety
(108) Packaging and Containers
(109) Commercial Real Estate
(110) Alternative Medicine
(111) Motion Pictures and Film
(112) Judiciary
(113) Performing Arts
(114) Computer Games
(115) Veterinary
(116) Luxury Goods & Jewelry
(117)V Investment Banking
(118) Package/Freight Delivery
(119) International Affairs
(120) Market Research
(121) Recreational Facilities and Services
(122) Translation and Localization
(123) Wine and Spirits
(124) Capital Markets
(125) Public Policy
(126) Sporting Goods
(127) Newspapers
(128)Paper & Forest Products
(129) Venture Capital & Private Equity
(130) Wireless
(131) Libraries
(132) Gambling & Casinos
(133) Ranching
(134) Glass, Ceramics & Concrete
(135) Philanthropy
(136) Dairy
(137) Shipbuilding
(138) Museums and Institutions
(139) Think Tanks
(140) Political Organization
(141) Fishery
(142) Horticulture
(143) Tobacco
(144) Fund-Raising
(145) Railroad Manufacture
(146) Alternative Dispute Resolution
(147) Nanotechnology
(148) Legislative Office
(149) Mobile Games

Keep in mind, though, that these figures change every day. There will always be changes in the number of registered leads and accounts on LinkedIn because users update their industry information and the platform accepts new users and company pages.

LinkedIn’s Industry Rankings:

In accordance with LinkedIn’s classification for 2022, these are the top 10 industries with the most number of companies:

  1. Real estate: 3,010,000
  2. Medical practice: 2,550,000
  3. Construction: 2,450,000
  4. Retail: 2,290,000
  5. Management consulting: 1,640,000
  6. Individual and family services: 1,620,000
  7. Restaurants: 1,450,000
  8. Computer software: 1,420,000
  9. Information technology and services: 1,410,000
  10. Wholesale: 1,010,000

According to LinkedIn’s classification for 2022, these are the top 10 industries with the most number of leads:

  1. Real estate: 24,700,000
  2. Medical practice: 18,500,000
  3. Construction: 16,500,000
  4. Retail: 14,300,000
  5. Management consulting: 13,300,000
  6. Individual and family services: 12,900,000
  7. Restaurants: 12,400,000
  8. Computer software: 12,000,000
  9. Information technology and services: 10,800,000
  10. Wholesale: 10,500,000

In accordance with LinkedIn’s classification for 2022, these are the bottom 10 industries with the least number of companies

  1. Horticulture: 0
  2. Mobile games: 1,700
  3. Legislative office: 1,700
  4. Nanotechnology: 5,200
  5. Alternative dispute resolution: 7,100
  6. Military: 9,300
  7. Public policy: 12,000
  8. Railroad manufacture: 13,000
  9. Library: 13,000
  10. Wireless: 13,000

According to LinkedIn’s classification for 2022, these are the bottom 10 industries with the least number of leads

  1. Horticulture: 11,000
  2. Mobile games: 38,000
  3. Legislative office: 1,60,000
  4. Nanotechnology: 1,96,000
  5. Alternative dispute resolution: 2,72,000
  6. Military: 2,73,000
  7. Public policy: 2,77,000
  8. Railroad manufacture: 2,84,000
  9. Library: 3,25,000
  10. Wireless: 3,70,000


Whether you are using the platform to network or for lead generation on LinkedIn, setting up your LinkedIn profile is the first step towards a positive and satisfying LinkedIn experience. With this context, we discovered how many different industries there are on LinkedIn, which ones are the best representation on the site, and what is the benefit of choosing the right industry, in this article. 

We hope you realize how important it is to identify your field of expertise on this professional platform so that people looking to share their work with you or potential employers can more easily find you.

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