What is LinkedIn Prospecting?

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LinkedIn prospecting is a method of reaching out to potential clients via cold outreach. Successful LinkedIn prospecting depends on research, profile optimization, and community involvement.

What exactly is LinkedIn prospecting?

Utilizing various lead generation channels is a step in the right direction for obtaining qualified leads and ultimately a conversion. It doesn’t matter if you’re a salesperson or a job seeker; cold messaging (which includes social media posts, emails, and phone calls) is a tried-and-true technique that consistently produces results. The ideal way to contact qualified prospects who are working professionals is through cold messages on LinkedIn.


Because everyone usually uses LinkedIn, it makes it easier to find new clients because it provides you with detailed information about its users’ jobs, companies, sizes, needs, and other relevant information that you can use to tailor your cold outreach.

In this regard, the LinkedIn profile of your prospect is a veritable treasure trove of pertinent data. It can provide you with the precise information you require, including whether or not they are high-quality prospects who should be added to your prospecting list as well as information about their needs and pain points. You must use this information as the foundation for your initial cold outreach message and any subsequent follow-ups.

On LinkedIn, cold outreach or cold prospecting is a type of outbound marketing. It implies reaching out to potential customers via LinkedIn, email, or phone (also known as cold emailing and cold calling) with the intention of pitching your product or service. But that single message shouldn’t contain a sales pitch. Prior to the pitch, there may be lengthy back and forth messaging to establish a solid rapport and better understand the needs of your potential customers.

Therefore, one of the most important steps in LinkedIn prospecting that enables all others is to review your prospect’s LinkedIn profile before attempting to connect.

23 Best LinkedIn Cold Message Templates for 2023

LinkedIn for sales can be challenging, as we all know. But why? due to restrictions, business audiences, and unwritten guidelines for the platform. However, sending a focused sales message on LinkedIn is still a potent way to attract reliable clients and quality prospects. We offer a selection of fantastic LinkedIn message templates for increasing sales along with some advice on how to handle communication well in this article. In order to obtain qualified leads and ultimately conversions, using various lead generation channels is a step in the right direction. It doesn’t matter if you’re a salesperson or a job seeker; cold messaging (which includes social media posts, emails, and phone calls) is a tried-and-true technique that consistently produces results. 

The ideal way to contact qualified prospects who are working professionals is through cold messages on LinkedIn. The caliber of the information being sent out determines how well a message is received. So how does one craft a compelling cold message that is sure to receive responses? You can create killer message copies with the help of our tips and templates (serving various purposes), which will enable you to start getting the results you want!

Templates for LinkedIn Cold Messages

1. “The Mutual Acquaintance”

Hello, {First Name},

How are you doing? I discovered we are connected mutually, {Name of Person}. How are they known to you?

I earned my undergraduate degree alongside {Name of Person}!

Anyway, I also took a look at your profile, and it seems that we both work in the same field. I’d be delighted to discuss ideas with you.

Let’s get in touch!

Good luck/Regards,

{Your Name}

2. “Adding a Little Gratitude”

Greeting {First Name}, 

I hope all is well with you at this time.

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I find your work at {insert company name} to be incredibly insightful and I adore it.

I particularly liked {reading, watching, and listening to} your article on the {mention notable work}. This was too good not to share, so I did so on my timeline.

I work in the same sector of the economy as you do. I’d like to continue this discussion and share some thoughts.

Please let me know if you’re free for a brief phone call.

Good luck,

{Your Name}

3. “Pitch for Direct Sales”

Hello, {First Name}

Regarding our {insert name of product or service}, I’m writing to you.

I understand our {Services or Products} would be advantageous for your organization given your background and line of work.

{Add a few product or service advantages OR mention the USP.}

To learn more, please visit our website:

{Insert URL of website}

Please let me know if this sounds interesting so we can arrange a brief phone call.

Looking forward to your response!

Enjoy your day!

{Your Name}

4. “Connection Request at the top of the search results”

Hey, [First Name},

When people searched for professionals in the {Insert Industry Name}, your profile was at the top of the list.

I’d really like to get to know you and learn more about what you do at {Company Name}.

I work in the same sector as you, so perhaps we can exchange ideas.

[If both of you work in the same position, it would be especially pertinent to mention your roles in the industry.]


{Your Name}

5. “Community Group”

Hello, {First Name}

Your profile was found on {Insert Group Name}.

I’m constantly looking for colleagues in my field who share my views. Your profile indicates that you have a lot of experience in this area.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the various strategies you’ve used over the years in {insert name of industry}.

Chat with me if you are interested!

{Your Name}

6. “Follow-Up”

Hi, {Prospect name}

Hello, how are you? Yes, this is a busy time of year, but despite that, I still hope to speak with you about {the subject you previously raised}. {Consider adding an additional fact or value that you haven’t mentioned before}.

I’m eagerly awaiting your response!

Have a nice day!

{Your Name}

7. “The Suggestion”

Hello there, {First Name}

Hello, how are you? I hope you’re safe during these challenging times.

Regarding our time working together, I wanted to ask you if you would leave me a recommendation on LinkedIn.

If you would like, I would be more than happy to write one for you as well.

[Add a direct link to the write-up]

I’m grateful.

{Your Name}

8. “The Inviter”

Greetings, {First Name}

I read your comment on the {post title} and assumed you were considering the {topic name}.

About {topic name}, I am offering a free live webinar series. As I will be covering “Add Details,” I believe you would find this interesting.

If you’re curious to know more, let me know!


{Your Name}

9. “The Connector”

Hello, {First Name}

I found your profile via {Add where you found their profile: mutual connection, search page, recommendation page, group, etc.}

Given that we both work in the same industry, I think we could share useful information and benefit from one another.

I’d love to get in touch with you!


{Your Name}

10. “The Motivator”

Hello, {First Name}

I noticed that you liked or commented on my most recent blog entry about {Post Title}.

I genuinely think that knowledge must be shared, and I love interacting with my audience.

You might find some of my earlier posts on this topic interesting.

sharing the following links:

{Add Links}

As I am always interested in talking about these subjects, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on my article.

Enjoy your day,

{Your Name}

11. “The Recruiter”

Hello there {First Name}

At {Company Name}, I work as a recruiter. A {Insert Role} is currently being sought after.

My impression of your background and experience is based on my review of your profile.

Your {Skill 1} and {Skill 2} would be a huge asset to our company.

Like you, we are looking for reputable professionals who are eager to learn.

If you’re interested, let’s talk and explore this further.

[Optional, Requesting their resume and additional contact information]

Enjoy your week!

{Your Name}

12. “The Simple Statement”

Hello, {First Name}

I hope you’re safe during these difficult times.

Well, I discovered your profile via {a mutual friend, a group or organization, a post or comment}. I want to learn more about your sector, and I think you are the best person to learn from given your background.

If you’re interested in this, please let me know.


{Your Name}

13. “Common Career or Field”

Hello there, {First Name}

I am also in the {Insert Role or Industry}. I had the chance to look at some of your work, and I must admit that I am very impressed.

We both work on related projects, so I’d love to talk about the distinctive methods or approaches you employ.

[Put something in there that is specific to that job, like, “If you’re a marketer, how do you generate leads?” You could also explain how you generate leads.

Let’s get in touch!


{Your Name}

14. “To the Hiring Supervisor”

Hello, {First Name}

I came across your profile on LinkedIn while searching for recruiters in the {Industry Name} in the {Name of Place}.

I hold the title of {insert job title}, {add pertinent details about your experience}.

My primary competencies include {add skills}.

Does that match the roles you typically hire for?

Because of how similar their vision and mission are to mine; I would adore working for {insert company name}.

Please share your thoughts with me, I’d love to talk.


{Your Name}

15. “The Voice of Opinion”

Hello, {First Name},

For some time now, I have been following your content. I admire all of your accomplishments and find it interesting to read your viewpoints {or whatever they share}.

I’m constantly looking to expand my network of business titans. You are one to look up to when it comes to knowledge and expertise in {insert name of industry}.

I particularly liked {insert title of blog post or post here; explain why you liked it}.

To stay updated on more of your content, I’d love to connect.

Enjoy your day,

{Your Name}

16. “The Subtle Sales Proposal”

Hello, {First Name}

I’ve heard that your company wants to expand to Asia. [If you want to make a sales pitch, please include any other interesting information about your company.]

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your team!

What factors influenced this decision and what actions are you planning to take going forward?

[Include a brief description of your company and how you can help them.’]

Looking forward to your response.

I wish you luck with your new endeavor,

{Your Name}

17. “The Hyper-Personalized Sales Proposal”

Hello, {First Name}

I have been following the progress of your business for some time. I must {add personalized observation, noteworthy accomplishments.}

Your organization’s vision and mission are admirable.

I am {Your Name} and I work for {Company Name} in the capacity of {insert role}.

[Briefly describe the issue that your customized solution is intended to solve.]

Visit the following website for more information about my business: {Company Website}

Wishing you a wonderful day! Looking forward to your response.


{Your Name}

18. “Seeking Employment”

Salutations, {First Name}

My name is {Insert Name} and I play the role of {Insert Role}.

For a while now, I have been keeping up with the work of your organization.

{Add noteworthy company accomplishments.}

I’d like to work very much at {insert something special about the company}.

[Include some details about your experience.]

If you have a moment, please let me know how my qualifications for the position of {insert name of role} and experience in your company can help.

[Add the line described below if there is no job posting and you want to ask if there is an opening.] If there are any job openings for {Insert Role}, I would be more than happy to share why I might be a good fit, even though I realize you must be inundated with messages.

Have a wonderful day and thank you!


{Your Name}

19. “For Internship”

Hello, Mr./Mrs./Ms. {First Name} [Last Name].

My name is {Your Name}, and I am a first-year student at {Your University}, enrolled in {Your Course}.

I’ve been following your business’s development over the years and would jump at the chance to intern with {Company Name}.

Learning more about my area of interest would be a fantastic experience, and it would also advance my career.

[Add a paragraph about your skills, perhaps mentioning any extracurricular activities you took part in while in college. or anything noteworthy that makes you stand out, such as any leadership positions you may have held].

Please let me know if there are any internship openings.

Have a wonderful day!

{Your Name}

20. “Valuable Content”

Hello, {first name}

I believed that you, as {Job Title}, would benefit from this {Content Type} and {Content Description}

The demand for {Example: Cold Emailing}, has increased as more businesses join the trend and take advantage of its perks.

How is your group coping with this difficulty?

If the information in this article sounds helpful, I’d be happy to go into more detail about how it functions.


{Your Name}

21. “Template for Events”

Hello, {First Name}

I noticed that we share a few connections and decided to connect with you.

{On Date}, I’ll be hosting a gathering at {Location}.

[Add information regarding the event]

You might find this interesting, in my opinion. Maybe you and your group would like to go. {Include details about giveaways, discounts, special speakers, or attendance certificates.}

If you have any queries, please contact me.


{Your Name}

22. “Template for Webinars”

Hello there {First Name}

[You could include a sense of humor here that has to do with the webinar’s subject. The title might read, “Are you ready to skyrocket your sales in under 6 months?” for a webinar about increasing B2B sales, for instance]

I wanted to let you know about a webinar on {Date and Time} that we will be hosting.

We’ll be discussing how to {Add information about the webinar}

[If there are any guest speakers, mention it]

The link for signing up is right here: {Add Link}

I hope to run into you there!


{Your Name}

23. “Template for Free Trials”

Hello there {First Name}

Thank you for connecting!

Is a {Business Solution} in the works for your company?

[Add a succinct description of the business]

I’d like to offer you a free trial of our {Mention name of product or service and add the link as a courtesy.}

I’m interested in hearing your opinions!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

{Your Name}


Like any other lead generation strategy, cold messaging on LinkedIn takes time and effort. The templates mentioned above can be customized for your particular target audience; keep in mind that personalization encourages engagement.

Your chances of receiving a response will increase if you personalize your message and do a little background research on your prospects. Create a list of everyone you want to cold message so you can keep track of them and stay organized. It’s crucial to work on your profile so it appears credible and professional when using LinkedIn cold messaging. Compare your written and visual representation; make adjustments as needed.

These templates are intended to assist you in locating your target markets.

All the best!

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